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How can I let the user edit my Multi-Dimensional collection?

Platform: WinForms| Category: Type Editors

This is usually a problem if you have a custom collection type MyCollection which itself can take items of type MyCollection.

The problem is because a single instance of a UITypeEditor is used by the framework irrespective of how many types and instances it serves to edit. Which means you cannot start editing your MyCollection from within a MyCollection editor, since the editor is already open.

To work around this problem, you can provide a custom editor as follows:

public class CustomCollectionEditor : CollectionEditor
	// The base class has its own version of this property
	// cached CollectionForm
	private CollectionForm collectionForm;

	public CustomCollectionEditor(Type type)
		: base(type)

	public override object EditValue(
		ITypeDescriptorContext context, IServiceProvider provider, 
		object value) 
		if(this.collectionForm != null && this.collectionForm.Visible)
			// If the CollectionForm is already visible, then create a new instance
			// of the editor and delegate this call to it.
			BarItemsCollectionEditor editor = new BarItemsCollectionEditor(this.CollectionType);
			return editor.EditValue(context, provider, value);
		else return base.EditValue(context, provider, value);

	protected override CollectionForm CreateCollectionForm()
		// Cache the CollectionForm being used.
		this.collectionForm = base.CreateCollectionForm();
		return this.collectionForm;

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