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How can I throw my events asynchronously?

Platform: WinForms| Category: Patterns

You can do so by calling BeginInvoke on your delegates. Unfortunately, you can’t call BeginInvoke() on the event member directly. You can invoke BeginInvoke()only if the delegate’s internal list of sink callbacks (actually other delegates) has only one target in it. If you have more than one, the delegate throws an exception. The workaround is to iterate over the event delegate internal invocation list, calling BeginInvoke() on everyone of them. You access the internal list using the GetInvocationList() method. Here is an example:

public delegate void NumberChangedDelegate(int num);

public class MySource
    public event NumberChangedDelegate m_NumberChangedEvent;

    public void FireEventAsynch(int num)
        Delegate[] delegates = m_NumberChangedEvent.GetInvocationList();
        foreach (Delegate del in delegates)
            NumberChangedDelegate sink = (NumberChangedDelegate) del;
            sink.BeginInvoke(num, null, null);

    public void FireEvent(int num)

From Juval Löwy at; from his article in the .Net Insight online magazine at

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