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How do I make my child Form fill the entire mdi client without being maximized?

Platform: WinForms| Category: MDI

Here is how it can be done. This takes into account all docked controls (including menus) in the mdi parent form.

		private void FillActiveChildFormToClient()
			Form child = this.ActiveMdiChild;
			Rectangle mdiClientArea = Rectangle.Empty;
			foreach(Control c in this.Controls)
				if(c is MdiClient)
					mdiClientArea = c.ClientRectangle;
			child.Bounds = mdiClientArea;

		Private  Sub FillActiveChildFormToClient()
			Dim child As Form =  Me.ActiveMdiChild 
			Dim mdiClientArea As Rectangle =  Rectangle.Empty 
			Dim c As Control
			For Each c In Me.Controls
				If TypeOf c Is MdiClient Then
					mdiClientArea = c.ClientRectangle
				End If
			child.Bounds = mdiClientArea
		End Sub

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