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How do I create a form with no border

Platform: WinForms| Category: Form

Use the Form.FormBorderStyle property to control a form’s border.

	public void InitMyForm()
   		// Adds a label to the form.
   		Label label1 = new Label();
   		label1.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(80,80);
  		 label1.Name = 'label1';
   		label1.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(132,80);
   		label1.Text = 'Start Position Information';

   		// Changes the border to Fixed3D.
   		FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.Fixed3D;

   		// Displays the border information.
   		label1.Text = 'The border is ' + FormBorderStyle;   

(From the .NET Framework SDK documentation)

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