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How do I figure out if a particular client object has subscribed to one of my events?

Platform: WinForms| Category: Events

In C#, you can do as follows:

		// In a Control derived class, for example, first store the handlers in a custom list.
		private EventHandler myHandlers;
		public new event EventHandler Click
				this.myHandlers += value;
				this.myHandlers -= value;

		// This method will specify whether a particular delegate is subscribed.
		public bool IsSubscribed(Delegate del)
			System.Delegate[] delegates = this.myHandlers.GetInvocationList();
			foreach(Delegate d in delegates)
				if(d == del)
					return true;
			return false;

		// Fire the Click event by parsing through your delegate list.
		protected override void OnClick(EventArgs e)
			// First let my derived classes receive the Click event.
			foreach(Delegate d in this.myHandlers.GetInvocationList())
				d.DynamicInvoke(new object[]{this, e});

You can then find our if a delegate is subscribed as follows:

// myControl is an instance of the above derived class.
bool subscribed = this.myControl.IsSubscribed(new EventHandler(this.myControl_Clicked));

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