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What are the common issues in redirecting assemblies using the publisher policy files?

Platform: WinForms| Category: Deployment

1) Make sure to follow proper naming conventions for the policy dll. For example, if the original assembly name is TestAssembly.dll then the corresponding policy assembly should be called ‘policy.1.0.TestAssembly.dll’ to make this redirection work for all ‘1.0.*’ version bindings of the original assembly.

2) While specifying the name for the assembly in the policy file, do not include the ‘.dll’ extension.

This is wrong:

>assemblyIdentity name='TestAssembly.dll' publicKeyToken='f638d0a8d5996dd4' culture='neutral' /<

Instead use:

>assemblyIdentity name='TestAssembly' publicKeyToken='f638d0a8d5996dd4' culture='neutral' /<

3) Make sure to sign the policy assembly with the same strong name as the original.

4) Make sure to distribute the policy file along with the policy assembly. Installing the policy assembly in the GAC alone will not suffice. Note that any change made to the policy file after creating the policy assembly will not take effect.

5) Always use /link (to the policy file) in the ‘al’ command while creating the policy assembly. Do not use /embed. It doesn’t seem to be supported.

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