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How can I direct debug output to a text file

Platform: WinForms| Category: Debugging

You need to add a Trace Listener to your code. Below is sample code that adds a TextWriterTraceListener (and don’t forget the Flush before you terminate). For more information on tracing in general, look for the topic ‘Tracing Code in an Application’ in your online .NET documentation.

	//set up the listener...
	System.IO.FileStream myTraceLog = new  System.IO.FileStream(@'C:\myTraceLog.txt',  System.IO.FileMode.OpenOrCreate);
	TextWriterTraceListener myListener = new TextWriterTraceListener(myTraceLog);
	//output to the instance of your listener
	myListener.WriteLine( 'This is some good stuff');
	//flush any open output before termination... maybe in an override of your form’s OnClosed

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