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How do I set default values for new rows in my datagrid

Platform: WinForms| Category: Datagrid

You use the DataColumn.DefaultValue property to provide default values for new rows. You access this property through the DataTable associated with the DataGrid,

	this.dataGrid1.DataSource = this._dataSet.Tables['orders'];
	this._dataSet.Tables['Orders'].Columns[1].DefaultValue = 'CustID';   // default value for column 1
	this._dataSet.Tables['Orders'].Columns['OrderDate'].DefaultValue = DateTime.Now;  // default value for OrderDate column

	Me.dataGrid1.DataSource = Me._dataSet.Tables('Orders')
	Me._dataSet.Tables('Orders').Columns(1).DefaultValue = 'CustID'   ’ default value for column 1
	Me._dataSet.Tables('Orders').Columns('OrderDate').DefaultValue = DateTime.Now   ’ default value for OrderDate column

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