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What are the React-based frameworks?

Platform: React| Category: General
  • There are 20 React libraries and frameworks:
  • Redux: Redux is a JavaScript state management solution. Although it works with other React-like frameworks, it is most typically used in integration with React.
  • Create React App: Create React App is a command-line utility that doesn’t require any development settings. It encourages the construction of your own standard and guides you through the app development process.
  • Rebass: This group of essential components is intended to assist you in designing a stable user interface with user-defined sizes and limitations.
  • React Admin: React Admin is a tool for building B2B admin apps based on REST/GraphQL APIs that may be tweaked by hand.
  • Ant Design: There is a large and loyal customer base for this extensive component collection.
  • Grommet: Grommet is a component library made for mobile-first, accessible, and responsive web projects.
  • Material UI: Google designed this set of components in order to execute their popular Material design.
  • React Spinner: An entertainment factor that keeps visitors engaged as the page loads, preventing them from feeling compelled to leave, resulting in a better user experience.
  • React Bootstrap: React Bootstrap is a user interface package based on the Bootstrap framework. It replaces Bootstrap’s JavaScript with React in order to provide you more control over each component’s form and function.
  • Next.js: A framework for building React applications that are rendered on the server. It provides a set of features such as automatic code splitting, server-side rendering, and static site generation.
  • Gatsby: A framework for building high-performance, statically generated websites and apps with React. Gatsby uses a powerful plugin system to make it easy to source and process data, and it also provides a set of features for building progressive web apps (PWAs).
  • React routing: React Router is the most popular library for handling routing in React. It provides a set of components and APIs that make it easy to add routing to your app.
  • Semantic UI React
    • Blueprint
    • React DnD
    • Styled Components
    • React Fabric
    • React Virtualized
    • React-Motion
    • React Intl
    • React Desktop
    • Evergreen UI
    • MobX

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