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How can I add and remove an Html element dynamically using javascript?

Platform: ASP.NET| Category: Client Side Scripting

Below is the javascript code which is used to add and remove div elements dynamically.Here the div tags are added in one base
div tag container.

	function AddHtmlElement()
		var divElement = document.getElementById(’MYDIV’); 
		var divNumber= document.getElementById(’hiddenValue’); 
		var num = (document.getElementById(’hiddenValue’).value -1)+ 2; 
		divNumber.value = num; 
		var newdiv = document.createElement(’div’); 
		var divIdName = ’MYDIV’+num;
		var divLoadedText=’Div ’+num+’ Is Added!’;	
		newdiv.innerHTML =divLoadedText+' '+'<a href=’#’ onclick=RemoveHtmlElement(’'+divIdName+'’)>Remove div ’'+divIdName+'’</a>';  
		var divId = document.getElementById(’MYDIV’); 
		var childId = document.getElementById(divNum); 

<form id='Form1' >
	<input id='hiddenValue' type='hidden' value='0'>
		<a href='#' onclick='AddHtmlElement()'>Add Html Elements</a>
	<div id='MYDIV'></div>

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