Tracking Skiing Conditions with the Syncfusion Grid Control

Tracking Skiing Conditions with the Syncfusion Grid Control

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SkiTrak, LLC provides software for skiers who want to “Track and Map” their downhill skiing. With a small sales window each year, it is critical that the product developers focus on adding additional functionality to the SkiTrak’s product.The skiing statistics need to be presented to the skier in a hierarchal format, allowing them to drill down from the season level to individual GPS points on a specific ski run.

It was all Down Hill

Having the product ready to ship for the 2006-2007 ski season was critical because any delay would cost a year. SkiTrak uses large amounts of GPS data points to present skiing statistics from a season to an individual point on a specific ski run. Syncfusion’s Grid control allows data to be displayed in a hierarchal spreadsheet, which in turn allows users to drill down to the desired level of detail. This allows a large volume of data to be consumed in an easy-to-understand and efficient interface.

Syncfusion’s excellent support staff helped overcome implementation and debugging hurdles so that SkiTrak could prevent potential obstacles to meeting their ship dates.

About SkiTrak, LLC

SkiTrak, LLC is a software company that produces GPS products for skiers. Its mission is to answer questions skiers have often wondered such as, “How fast was I going, how far was that run, and how much did I really ski last year?”. SkiTrak utilizes sophisticated data analysis as well as graphical displays with satellite images to allow a skier to visualize their skiing experience. SkiTrak’s website is

The Challenge

  • Aggressive Ship Date

  • Large amount of Data

  • Quick response time

The Benefits

  • Easy and fast implementation
    • Easy and fast implementation.
  • Right functionality
    • Right functionality to accomplish the task.
  • Excellent support
    • Excellent support.

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