Product-Oriented .NET Applications Made Easy with Essential Studio

Product-Oriented .NET Applications Made Easy with Essential Studio

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inova-png With a partner-oriented approach to software creation, Inova Solutions standardizes the practices of “new public management” with user-friendly software tools for everyday implementation. These integral applications support customers in the acquisition and management of product-oriented business data, business controlling and the preparation and visualization of relevant management information.

Going Public

Inova implemented .NET development into its business practices, but quickly realized that the basic .NET set left room for improvement. The company embarked on a search for a complementary set of visual and non-visual components for their Windows Forms application efforts, something already established and proven, to save developers from “recreating the wheel.

The Solution

Syncfusion’s Essential Suite became Inova’s choice for .NET development because of its high component quality. Installation was smooth and painless, with a familiar user interface easing developer workload. Inova found Syncfusion’s promise of the best support in the business to be immensely helpful in their adjustment to the new system.

About Inova Solutions AG

Inova Solutions is a growing, independent software company located in Ostermundigen, Switzerland. The company develops innovative software solutions for the public sector and service providers, working closely with clients to find the most efficient and practical solutions. Their website is located at

The Challenge

  • Speed up development

  • Enable quick productivity gains

  • Employ one complete set of components

The Benefits

  • Intuitive interface
    • Intuitive interface quicker adoption.
  • Design philosophy
    • Design philosophy provided continuity in programming.
  • Technical support provided answer
    • Technical support provided answer.

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