Achieving Victory with Syncfusion’s File Format Libraries

Achieving Victory with Syncfusion's Document processing Libraries

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Adam Troxell, Director of Marketing at SciCord, needed an Excel-to-PDF conversion. Meta Tags: Software, technology, development, UI, chart, grid, list, graph, mobile, desktop, web, application, apps, budget, developer, code, coding, File Formats, Excel, PDF, CRUD, Azure

Challenge and Solution

It’s always a victory to find exactly what you need in a software component, and when it comes with other components that turn out to be equally useful, you know it was meant to be. SciCord knew it needed a tool to convert MS Excel files into PDFs for its product, an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). The cloud-based ELN is used to help those in the pharmaceutical industry keep compliant digital documentation, and these customers were requesting this functionality.

“Syncfusion was able to provide an Excel-to-PDF conversion which solved our initial problems,” said Adam Troxell, SciCord’s director of marketing. “Then we expanded our use of Syncfusion libraries to speed up the development process of our CRUD pages.”

After equipping their ELN with the converter, SciCord used several of Syncfusion’s JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC controls, mostly for its web portal, and deployed to Azure. Troxell found the Syncfusion support team “very responsive” to requests and the Support Portal easy to use.

SciCord could deliver exactly what its customers needed, after finding exactly the software components it needed from Syncfusion, and more. It was victory all around.


  • Saved time
    • Saved time.
  • fast-support
    • Very responsive support team.
  • platform-controls
    • Cross-platform controls that are always improving.

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