Create My Software automates mudane tasks to create streamlined processes using Syncfusion’s Blazor suite

Create My Software automates mundane tasks to create streamlined processes using Syncfusion’s Blazor suite

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Jason Cantrell
Founder/CEO of Create My Software


Jason Cantrell started his business with the goal of assisting small to medium-sized companies with optimizing their workflow. He’s been able to achieve this goal by introducing clients to a cutting-edge app that helps track KPIs like product returns, money spent, customer requests, and more. Once these processes become streamlined, companies can get ahead of any potential concerns and start predicting trends.

Company Overview

Create My Software offers desktop, web, and cloud application solutions for companies to eliminate mundane and antiquated tasks in their workflow. Once these tasks are defined, Jason’s company helps automate those tasks and develop process improvement techniques. These techniques save time and money, improving the overall efficiency of the organization.


Before deciding to apply Syncfusion’s controls, Jason had been working with controls that didn’t receive quarterly updates. He wanted to provide his clients with apps that were efficient and highly advanced, which was proving difficult. Jason also noticed with other suites he’d implemented, the documentation and support were both lacking. This was a huge obstacle because it forced him to spend a lot of time figuring out issues without the support of other developers. Jason wanted to spend less time fixing bugs and more time helping clients improve their workflow through his polished application.


Syncfusion’s Blazor suite made all the difference for Jason’s app development. He’s now able to take advantage of cutting-edge controls that have powerful features and receive quarterly updates. Some of the controls he’s found most useful for his development are the drop-downs, input boxes, grid, and heat map. With these controls, Jason’s clients can pick up on trends in their data, be proactive and address potential issues early on, securely back up imperative information, and more. If he ever needs to verify how to deploy a certain control to his app, he knows Syncfusion’s documentation and support team are with him at every step. “I received responses within 24 hours,” said Jason. “They even provided real-world, functional examples to quickly customize the controls to fit my own applications.”


  • User-friendly UI
    • User-friendly UI.
  • Easy to integrate
    • Easy to integrate.
  • Ability to deploy on mobile web and desktop
    • Ability to deploy on mobile, web, and desktop.

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