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What’s New in the SfChart Control for Volume 1

The recent release of Essential Studio Volume 1 introduced several new features and enhancements for the WPF Chart control. Some of the major highlights include making bitmap series interactive, allowing series templates to be customized, and adding APIs for tooltips, adornments, and annotations.

To make bitmap series interactive, selection and tooltip support have been provided. We added the selection enhancement by extending SelectionBehavior to all the series types—such as Scatter, Bubble, and HiLo—and also to bitmap series, such as FastLineBitmapSeries and FastScatterBitmapSeries.


Fast Candle Series with Selection

For continuous series like Line, Area, and Spline, the selection cannot be illustrated, so the selection has been enabled for Adornments as well. However, the selection events are invoked irrespective of the adornments’ existence.


Line Series with Adornments Highlighted on Selection

The tooltip enhancement allows tooltips to be displayed for bitmap series types.


Fast-Line Bitmap Series with Tooltip

Another highlight of this release is template support for all common chart types—the CustomTemplate feature enhancement. Template customization is provided for all commonly used chart types: 11 series types like Scatter, Bubble, Bar, etc.


Scatter Series with Custom Shape


Bar Series with Custom Template

Several new customization properties are available for tooltips and adornments. Earlier adornments did not have any direct APIs for customizing properties like background, foreground, and font family. Now, new APIs have been added to improve customization. For more info, check out the following links:



Annotations can now include offset values in the auto-calculated axis range. Axis ranges can be adjusted based on annotation offset values by simply enabling the property IncludeAnnotationRange on the axis.

Content Editor: Usha Clementine Henry | Content Contributor: Rajasekar B.


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