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Volume 4 Road Map Posted

We have published the official Road Map for our upcoming Volume 4 release, which is scheduled for December 5 of this year. Volume 4 will bring a lot of exciting updates to all our major platform suites, including JavaScript, WinRT, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Phone, and Windows forms. The major highlight of the Volume 4 update will be the first official release of our JavaScript suite of controls.

Essential Studio for JavaScript was introduced as a beta in our Volume 3 update and has been extremely well-received by customers. Extensive feedback during the beta cycle has helped shape this product into one of the best offerings in its class. Major updates to the JavaScript studio include bug fixes and enhancements to 30 controls that were included in the beta. The Volume 4 update will also include several new controls—like a bar-code control, a date-range navigator, and maps—making it the most comprehensive JavaScript component offering on the market.

clip_image002 Syncfusion JavaScript Dashboard

Our WinRT studio, which is already the most comprehensive offering in the industry, includes major updates to almost all its controls. The PDF Viewer and the RichTextEditor control that have been in beta will be final releases in the Volume 4 update. The Chart control will include the popular MACD histogram series type, and the Grid control will add support for right-to-left orientation.

Volume 4 also brings several updates and enhancements to our WPF and our Silverlight studios. Rendering 3-D chart types, a much-requested feature, will be included. The LightSwitch extensions for Silverlight, which were introduced as a beta in the last release, will be a final release in Volume 4. This final release of the LightSwitch extensions will also introduce new controls that include the Sparkline, Gauge, Map, TreeMap, OLAP Client, and OLAP Grid controls.

Our market-leading, flagship platform, Windows Forms, which was originally introduced in 2001, will also receive major updates in Volume 4. The Chart control will support touch interaction, making it possible to create touch-friendly applications in the popular .NET platform. The DigitalGauge, LinearGauge, and TreeMap controls will also be introduced in Windows Forms.

The Windows Phone DataGrid control, which was introduced as a beta in the last update, will be a final release in Volume 4.

For more details on what’s coming in Volume 4, check out our Road Map on Syncfusion.com, or email sales@syncfusion.com for a PDF copy.


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