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Using Technology to Meet Health Goals in the New Year

We just wrapped up an awesome first week of 2016 with the #FitTechies2016 Twitter giveaway. We joined forces with our partner Axosoft to promote using technology to meet health goals in the New Year. Each day we tweeted a question and gave away a Fitbit to one random winner. We had a blast reading all the tweets and just had to share a few of our favorites.




We were also excited to see #FitTechies2016 sparked some competition among our followers. Some of the Fitbit winners plan to sync their new devices to keep each other active. It’s great to see the power of community, both online and offline. We look forward to exploring technology’s role in fitness more in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted their advice, resolutions, and motivations with us!

Our #FitTechies2016 campaign may be over, but we plan to stay committed to our New Year’s resolutions throughout the year. At Syncfusion, apps that track physical activity and calories burned seem to be the most popular tech used to meet health goals. Many Syncfusionites take brisk walks outside to stay active during the day, and we even have a few exercise balls rolling around the office for folks to use while working at their desk.


The most tweeted words below seem to sum up our #FitTechies2016 giveaway perfectly. If you didn’t get a chance to participate, leave us a comment, tweet, or Facebook post to let us know how you use tech to stay fit. We hope you will join us in utilizing technology to meet your health goals throughout the year! clip_image010


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