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The Pioneer in Universal Apps

According to philosopher Will Durant, “Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” At Syncfusion, we take great pride in the consistent quality of our controls, and our pioneering efforts in the field of universal Windows apps continue that tradition. It is a privilege to be able to give you a tour of developing universal apps with Syncfusion controls through this blog. We hope you enjoy it.

Microsoft’s habit of innovation has introduced a fine-tuned portable class library that supports both Windows and Windows Phone applications, and Syncfusion is a partner in this innovation with controls that support these universal apps. When we planned to develop a real-time, cutting-edge demo application, we had many controls worth showcasing. One of our demo applications is the patient monitor demo, a use case app for doctors to monitor patient conditions in real time. In hospitals, doctors are always on the move, but they need to frequently check the condition of their patients. With a universal app designed to monitor patient conditions in real time, doctors can check on their patients at any time via phone, tablet, or desktop. Developing a single application that can run on all Windows devices is much more effective than developing different applications for different devices.

How do Syncfusion controls for universal Windows apps make a patient monitor app simple?

In the patient monitor demo, we implemented several views, including:

  • A patient gallery with appointment details.
  • An ECG report and history module.

Patient gallery page

As per, “A good beginning makes a good ending,” the first module of the application immediately provides important information about each patient, such as his or her picture, name, blood pressure, and heart rate in a display modeled after the Windows 8 Start screen. We implemented this main page of the application in an optimized and elegant way by using Syncfusion controls for universal Windows apps. With the HubTile and Maps controls in particular, we created a gallery without having to duplicate the view for each target device. Both controls provide users a simple way to navigate to a patient’s personal page.

The main page also shows the appointments queued for the doctor. In this scenario, we believe, there is no other control that could replace our highly customizable universal calendar.

ECG and history module

For a cardiologist, getting an up-to-date ECG report is important. Using our universal Chart control, doctors can access the current ECG of a patient. The data generated by an ECG is a dynamic record, but doctors would be able to save and access the patient’s previous history for further referral. To achieve this, a quick, responsive, and lightweight chart is needed, and Syncfusion’s Chart control for universal Windows apps makes this possible.

Content Contributor: Selva Ganapathy K. | Content Editor: Usha Clementine


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