The Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms is Ready to Use

We are happy to announce to the Xamarin community the availability of Essential UI Kit! As I stated in my previous blog, this update comes with more than 35 reusable XAML pages with a new Visual Studio extension.

In this blog, I will share the resources you need to get started with the Essential UI Kit in your Xamarin.Forms applications.

Visual Studio extension: The extension with the item templates for adding screens is available at the following location:

You can simply select the screens you need and the extension will take care of the rest. It will add all the required files for your selected screens, including all required third-party NuGet packages, platform-specific project resources, styles, views, view models, models, converters, and behaviors.

Source code: The complete source code is available on GitHub. If you want to explore the source code of all the screens, just clone or download the following repository:

Preview app: A previewer app is available with all the screens in the Google Play Store. Just install it on your phone and you can check out all the screens within the elegantly designed browser app.

Documentation: The help documentation on how to install the extension and add the screens to your Xamarin.Forms application is available at:

And lastly, thank you all for your interest in this product. More exciting things will be coming soon to the Essential UI Kit. If you want your request to be part of it, let us know what you need through our feedback portal.


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Comments (6)

I can’t Install on Visual Studio for MAC

Prabakaran Ramasamy

Hi Paulo,

Thank you for trying Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms.

We do not have Visual Studio extension support for Mac. We already have feature request for this. Please vote the below report,

To use our UI Kit in Mac, we request you to directly copy the required files from the below location till we provide VS extension support for Mac,


Isn’t this likely to be confused with Xamarin Essentials? Is it in any way associated with Microsoft Xamarin Essentials?

Hi Damian,

Thank you for contacting us.

The Essential UI Kit is not related to Microsoft Xamarin Essentials and the name will not cause any confusions as the purpose of both are different. The Essential UI Kit is providing XAML pages/templates for Xamarin applications whereas Microsoft Xamarin Essentials provides APIs for Xamarin applications. Also, the Essential UI Kit is not a NuGet package as like Xamarin Essentials.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Meikanda Nayanar I

Do i need Licence to use them?

Hi Tims,
Thank you for contacting us.
We have published the Essential UI Kit on GitHub with an MIT license. Please find our license details on the below GitHub page.
Please let us know if you need any further assistance.
Meikanda Nayanar I

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