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Syncfusion’s Tech Gift Guide

With the upcoming gift-giving season in mind, we asked several members of the Syncfusion team what holiday gifts are at the top of their lists this year.

Surface 2

Hillary Bowling, marketing coordinator at Syncfusion and avid reader, loves the Surface tablet for its user-friendly interface and the simplicity of purchasing and reading books directly through the Kindle app. According to Hillary, it is also the perfect tablet for reading Syncfusion’s series of free e-books.

Being a member of the marketing team means social media and email access are a must for Hillary. With the Surface, she stays connected to great books and important tweets at the same time. The touch screen also makes it perfect for interacting with our WinRT controls.

Fingerless Gloves

Want to code your heart out regardless of the temperature? Graham High, Syncfusion content producer, suggests a good pair of fingerless gloves. Whether you’re at your desk using a keyboard (as Graham notes, even offices can get cold in the winter) or on a ski lift using a mobile device, keep fingerless gloves on hand and your programming projects will always be within reach.

Xbox One

Adults and children alike have been anticipating the release of Xbox One this year (this writer’s siblings included). With a new graphics card, high-speed processor, and the promise of great games to match, it’s easy to see why Microsoft’s latest console will be a star among holiday gifts. For those who are not interested in gaming, the Xbox One also enables users to connect to their cable box and switch between television and games, or even view both simultaneously, as well as stream from video services like Hulu and Netflix. Users can also customize their dashboard using Windows Live Tiles. For more on Live Tiles, check out our recent blog series.

Bluetooth Speakers

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, even the most committed coders can get distracted. Davis Jebaraj, director of development, recommends picking up a pair of Bluetooth speakers to drown out the winter worries and set the pace for your work environment. Plus, their small size means they are also portable, so you can take a music break anywhere.

Keurig Coffee Maker

Imagine your latest hybrid mobile app is due to launch tomorrow when one of your team members suddenly finds a major bug. You don’t have time to go out for coffee, and everyone is losing steam. For last minute all-nighters at the office, marketing coordinator Annahitta Kojoori suggests a Keurig machine to spark even the most frazzled developers’ nerves with a jolt of caffeine. No java fiends in your JavaScript department? The Keurig may still come in handy. In addition to a variety of flavored coffee beverages, it can also be used to make hot chocolate and tea to get you through the latest evenings (or earliest mornings).

Some of the items listed above are up for grabs this week in our #thankfuldevs Twitter giveaway. Send us a tweet using the hashtag #thankfuldevs to be eligible to win. To learn more about our products and how they can accelerate your next development project, contact or call 1-888-9DOTNET.


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