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UWP controls used in Win10 IoT Core Breathalyzer

Windows 10 IoT Core Breathalyzer. Source: Paul De Carlo Blog.

Syncfusion was excited to work with Paul DeCarlo, Developer Platform Evangelist at Microsoft, when he told us about his breathalyzer based on the Windows 10 IoT Core. In his project, he created an Internet-connected breathalyzer with cloud-based reporting and logging. He chose to use Syncfusion Essential Studio for UWP for its charting control.

Essential Studio for UWP is a collection of more than 35 unique controls designed specifically for the new Universal Windows Platform that launched around the same time as Windows 10 earlier this year. The Syncfusion controls for UWP were released in the summer of 2015. Through UWP, developers can build applications that work across device boundaries, from mobile phones, to Surface tablets, to the desktop, and even to the Xbox One.

The Windows 10 IoT Core is a version of Windows 10 designed for low-powered devices like the Raspberry Pi 2, but with the ability to leverage the power of the cloud. It is intended to bridge the physical and digital worlds, and since it supports the Windows 10 Core APIs, it is able to support apps for the Universal Windows Platform. Combining the Windows 10 IoT Core with components like those found in Syncfusion Essential Studio for UWP enables developers to build next-generation solutions much faster and with stunning results.

 “It was awesome to bring in Syncfusion’s controls and have them work right out of the box without any hassle. This fact really helps to highlight the robustness of UWP,” said DeCarlo. Results were charted over time, indicating when a user’s measurement had been taken along with the corresponding value. This way, they could see if total samples were going up or down over a given interval. One would expect this to top out at a certain point and hopefully decline into a safe range at an event’s end This could provide peace of mind in knowing that participants are reducing intake before leaving an event.

You can learn more about DeCarlo’s breathalyzer by visiting these links:

 If you’re an independent developer, you too can get Essential Studio for UWP for free through the Syncfusion Community License Edition, which includes all of Syncfusion’s components. From ASP.NET Web Forms to Xamarin, you’ll have access to more than 650 controls across thirteen platforms.


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