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Syncfusion Sponsors Xamarin Developer Summit

We are excited to announce that Syncfusion is a gold-level sponsor of the Xamarin Developer Summit happening July 11–12 in Houston.

This mobile developer conference aims to be “the premiere community-run, cross-platform, mobile developer conference focused on Xamarin and the latest topics in mobile app development,” and it looks to be just that with two days jam-packed with talks, sessions, and workshops.

Session topics span everything imaginable involving Xamarin, from using Microsoft’s Prism framework with Xamarin.Forms, to building mixed-reality apps. The day one keynote features James Montemagno, David Ortinau, and Maddy Leger, who are program managers for various segments of mobile development at Microsoft, and who are all well-established authorities in the Xamarin community. You’ve likely seen them at Build and other conferences, or recognize them from the Xamarin .NET Community Standups. They bring years of experience and unique perspectives on the current and future state of Xamarin and mobile development at large.

The Xamarin Developer Summit is the phoenix finally rising from the ashes of the last Xamarin Evolve conference that took place in 2016, just before Microsoft’s acquisition of the mobile development software provider. Xamarin Dev Days have filled some of that absence in the meantime, but we, along with Xamarin enthusiasts everywhere, are elated to have a large-scale event dedicated to Xamarin back in our lives. We have Dan Siegel’s consulting firm AvantiPoint, a member of our own Syncfusion Alliance Partner Program, to thank for organizing and running this mobile developer conference, along with the team at Megsoft.

It’s not too late to attend! You can register on the Summit website and download a super-convenient letter for convincing your boss to let you go, too.

If you’re reading this, surely you’ve already checked out our comprehensive library of more than 135 Xamarin UI controls, but just in case you haven’t, you can start a 30-day free trial or download sample apps from Google Play and the Microsoft Store.

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