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Syncfusion Enters jQuery Foundation as a Silver Level Member

Syncfusion is pleased to announce that it is a silver level member of the jQuery Foundation, a non-profit organization formed last year by the jQuery Board and Software Freedom Conservancy. On a mission to promote web advancement through JavaScript, the jQuery Foundation is committed to fostering growth in the development community through workshops, training sessions, and conferences. The foundation also maintains a vibrant online presence through its forums. We are honored to support the jQuery Foundation’s mission and the community of businesses and individuals who work diligently to ensure the foundation’s success.

The jQuery Foundation celebrated its first year in March, concluding a very prosperous year. Not only did the jQuery membership program grow exponentially, they were also able to host three times as many conferences in several countries around the world. The jQuery Foundation website was also remodeled. A link to one of Syncfusion’s free e-books, jQuery Succinctly, can be found in the website’s “Books” section.

According to the jQuery team, “Contributing to jQuery is as easy as contributing to code.” In addition to discussion forums and conferences, users can make a variety of contributions to the field of jQuery knowledge. These contributions can include code, documentation, websites, bug tips, and anything else users find helpful in navigating jQuery—chances are, someone else will find it useful too.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this growing organization, there are several membership options available based on the level of contribution you or your company would like to make. Find out more about the jQuery Foundation by visiting its membership page, and join us in supporting such a dedicated community!


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