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Syncfusion Dev Spotlight: Murat Gur

This interview with developer Murat Gur is part of a series featuring developers who use Syncfusion controls. If you’d like us to feature your app, email

What made you choose Syncfusion Essential Studio?

Syncfusion is a worldwide company that is not just developing and selling components, they love what they do and are doing the right thing. This was important for us and this is why we chose Syncfusion. We want every developer to know about Syncfusion.

Did you look at competitive solutions?

Yes, I tried other companies’ components, but Syncfusion has the best and highest-performing tools. Syncfusion components feel native and are built just for the Windows Phone ecosystem. They are easy to understand.

The support team is also very responsive. I was faced with a localization problem with one of the components and they sent me custom builds. This is a priceless service.

What were your favorite features or functionality?

You know Akche is a personal finance application. One of the users said, “Can you add a calculator?” Ten minutes later, I added a whole functional calculator and released the update. You can imagine the user’s response.


Akche calculator

Most of our users recommend Excel export support for Akche. We did lots of research and tried many components, but they were slow or didn’t work right. After a while we found XlsIO. XlsIO is a tremendous framework that supports Excel export/import. With a few lines of code Akche now supports Excel, and as a result we have tripled our download count.

What problem or issue were you trying to solve by building your application?

We were using personal finance apps, but they acted like a finance broker: lots of graphs and even more numbers. They had very confusing UIs and were hard to use. We needed to find a simpler way, a more natural solution to manage our personal finances and keep track of our accounts. We tried to solve this problem and came up with Akche.


Akche dashboard

The most annoying problem we encountered with other personal finance applications was the localization. Akche supports 11 different languages all around the world.

What were the benefits of using Syncfusion’s tools?

Syncfusion tools integrate with the Visual Studio IDE. The documentation is just perfect. You can mostly guess the property names.

Who is your target audience, who uses the application?

We are targeting everyone who wants to control their finances and keep track of their money.

Have you read any of the Syncfusion e-books? If so, were they helpful and why?


Yes we did. We read Windows Phone 8.1 Succinctly and it was very helpful. It contained very precise information and gave us exactly what we were looking for. I’m recommending the series to every developer out there. Those are precious books and we are thankful for them.

Do you list Syncfusion as a skill on LinkedIn?

Yes I do. You can find my profile here.


Share the apps you have developed using Syncfusion controls. We love to see what our customers are creating—maybe your app will be the next one we feature on our blog! Simply send an email to


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