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Syncfusion Commitment to customers & community in 2014

At Syncfusion, we firmly believe our success is closely tied to that of our customers. Our involvement with the developer community was at the core of our achievements in 2013, and we plan to continue those efforts in 2014. Here are some highlights of what we did last year:

Company updates

· We released four major updates to our product, Essential Studio, which now includes over 500 controls and frameworks for software development.

· We launched Solution Services to build enterprise-grade applications for clients in less time.

· We expanded our development and support teams to deliver new controls and features to you faster.


Essential Studio for JavaScript is officially released.

Community updates

· We now have more than 25 e-books in our widely acclaimed Succinctly series.

· We released a $1 hobbyist license for Windows 8 and JavaScript development.

· We sponsored more than 100 user groups and code camps around the world.

· We supported small and growing businesses by partnering with Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark and BizSpark programs.

· We hosted many fun contests and giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.


Syncfusion team playing with code camp swag.

We are excited about what’s to come in 2014, and we look forward to sharing that excitement with the developer community. Thanks to all Syncfusion customers!


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