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Sneak Peek 2020 vol 1 wpf & winforms

Sneak Peek at 2020 Volume 1 Beta: WPF and WinForms

The world is always curious about new things! In this new year, Syncfusion is excited to provide new controls and features for the WPF and Windows Forms platforms.

This article will provide an overview of these new controls and features, which will be available with the 2020 Volume 1 beta release, expected to be available in the third week of March.


New Material light and dark themes and improved Theme Studio

The WPF Theme Studio has been improved with support for Material light and Material dark themes. These will allow users to change the visual presentation of controls within a few minutes, without requiring any change in the code or the designer. Both Syncfusion WPF controls and frameworks will be categorized in tabs and showcased within the Theme Studio application.

On any change in visual presentation, users can view the entire outcome under one roof. Users will be able to export the themes for .NET Core projects, too.wpf-material-theme

Circular Gauge

Tail support for needle pointer

This feature will allow users to add a tail to the needle pointer and customize it.

Rounded corner support

This feature will allow users to customize the range pointer’s start and end points with rounded corners.

Add a custom view

This feature will allow users to add annotation text or views with customization options.Add a custom view

Offset support

This feature will allow users to adjust the position of the rim, ranges, pointers, ticks, labels, and annotations based on the offset value and arrange them in relative positions.Offset support

Label-created event support

Customize the label text in a label-created event.Label-created event support

AutoComplete (SfTextBoxExt)

The following new features will be available for the AutoComplete (SfTextBoxExt) control.

Token support

Display selected items from the suggestions as tokens. The customizable token representation will allow users to remove an item with a close button. Also, automatically increment the height of the control to display the selected items as tokens.

No results found template

Display a custom message to end-users when no search results are found.No Result Found Template

Image member path support

This feature will allow users to provide a path for the image to be displayed in the token.Image member path

Drop-down UI support

Show a drop-down button in the AutoComplete control. The user can click and review items to select from, similar to a combo box.Drop Down Icon

Image Editor

Adding custom views

Add a custom view in the Image Editor and use different customization options such as rotate and resize.customview

File name support for saving image

Save an edited image with a specified name.

Command support

Command support will be provided for toolbar items in the Image Editor. These commands can be used for creating a customized toolbar.

Image picker support

Browse images in a local folder and load them in the Image Editor.


Editing attached properties

This feature will enable PropertyGrid to show and edit an attached property of any object.

UpdateSource Mode

This feature will allow users to update the edited values of a selected object in property change and lost focus modes.

DatePicker and TimePicker


Complete keyboard navigation and editing support will be available for the DatePicker and TimePicker controls.


Auto zoom based on map geo-bounds or distance

Set the initial zoom level of a map automatically based on map geo-bounds (northeast, southwest) or distance (KM/miles) from the geo-point center value.Auto zoom based on map geo-bounds or distance

Tooltip support

This feature will allow users to show tooltips with information on shapes, markers, and bubbles when the cursor interacts with them.Tooltip support



Calculate the summary for selected records

With this feature, you will be able to calculate summary rows for the selected records.winforms-datagrid-calculate-summary

Display the summary for columns with titles

Display the title summary and column summary at the same time.winforms-datagrid-summary-with-title

Unbound check box selector column

One of the most requested features for the DataGrid was to show check boxes in a column to select or deselect rows. Now, you can also easily select all the rows in a column using an intuitive check box in the header. This feature will be available with this release.winforms-datagrid-unbound-selector

Gradient background

You will be able to set a gradient background for cells.


LINEST formula support

Support for LINEST formula will be provided in the calc engine. The same support will be added in the WPF and WinForms Spreadsheet controls, also.


This is not the end of the feature list for the 2020 Volume 1 beta release. Check the list of all the features and improvements made after the rollout of the release.

Stay tuned to our official TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn pages for the announcement about the release.


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