Sneak Peek at 2023 Volume 1: Xamarin.Forms
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Sneak Peek at 2023 Volume 1: Xamarin.Forms

Sneak Peek at 2023 Volume 1: Xamarin.Forms

Syncfusion is gearing up for the first major release of this year with Essential Studio 2023 Volume 1. The upcoming release promises many new and exciting features to enhance the user experience. You can expect the release by the end of March and we are confident that it will exceed users’ expectations.

This article gives you a sneak peek at some of the new features that will be included in the Syncfusion Xamarin.Forms suite in the 2023 Volume 1 release.

PDF Viewer

The Xamarin.Forms PDF Viewer will offer the following new features in the upcoming Volume 1 release.

Crop box calculation of PDF pages

The crop box is like the margin and padding feature available on a PDF page. Previously, this wasn’t considered while adding annotations and highlighting a search result. Thus, it resulted in some alignment mismatches in the PDF documents.

We have overcome this issue by considering the crop box value for the calculation while adding annotations and highlighting the searched text.

PDFium custom rendering (UWP)

PDFium is a third-party custom renderer. We had a scenario with a particular PDF document in which the images weren’t properly rendered with the native rendering APIs.

The PDFIum support helps us return the proper PDF pages’ images for rendering. Currently, we have this support only in the Android platform. From the 2023 Volume 1 release on, you can also enjoy this support in the UWP platform. 

Preserve original order in rendered annotations

Previously, if we added annotations one over the other in an overlapping manner in other PDF viewers and loaded them in the Syncfusion PDF Viewer, they would not render in their original order. The annotation at the bottom would be on top, and the one on top would be in the middle.

From the upcoming release, you can render and save the annotations in their original order using our Xamarin.Forms PDF Viewer.

Add and modify form field values

The support to programmatically add, modify, and clear form data in a PDF document will be included. 

Enable and disable editing in form fields

With this feature, you will be able to enable or disable the editing features of the form fields in a PDF document.

Change the bounds of ink and signature annotations

This feature will let you programmatically modify the ink’s bounds and signature annotations. 

Render existing digital signatures

Users will be able to render flattened digital signatures in a PDF document to avoid data loss.

Adjust selector padding

You will be able to adjust the selector padding of annotations while selecting them in a PDF document.

Adjust the eraser thickness

This feature will allow you to adjust the ink eraser thickness in the Xamarin.Forms PDF Viewer.

Eraser Thickness Tool in Xamarin.Forms PDF Viewer
Eraser Thickness Tool in Xamarin.Forms PDF Viewer

Rich Text Editor

From 2023 Volume 1 on, the Xamarin.Forms Rich Text Editor will provide support to move the cursor positions (programmatically) to the beginning or end of the content.


Thanks for reading! Along with these updates, you can enjoy other exciting new features and bug fixes in our Syncfusion Xamarin.Forms suite in the 2023 Volume 1 release. You can check them out once the release is launched. It will not be long!

Stay tuned to our official TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn pages for announcements about the release. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any feedback.

You can also reach us through our support forumssupport portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

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