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Recap: Xamarin Dev Days at Syncfusion 11/14

Syncfusion hosted the Xamarin Dev Days Raleigh event this Saturday, November 14, at our office in Morrisville, NC. We were honored to host this event onsite for our valued partner Xamarin.

Syncfusion Office

James Montemagno, Developer Evangelist for Xamarin, as well as Customer Success Engineers Brandon Minnick and Michael Watson, arrived at Syncfusion in the morning. This team travels across the country holding Xamarin Dev Days events, training mobile developers on how to build cross-platform, mobile applications. Brandon and Michael are based out of Xamarin’s San Francisco office, and James is based out of Seattle.

Syncfusion’s presales engineer Dylan Filip gave a quick product overview of Essential Studio for Xamarin–our suite of controls with customizable grids, charts, gauges, and file format libraries for building cross-platform mobile applications. James then kicked off the day with his technical presentations and hands-on workshop. James highlighted his Meetup Manager app, which he developed using Xamarin.Forms and Syncfusion’s charting controls for Xamarin. 

Xamarin Team and Syncfusion Team Pre-event. (From left to right: Brandon, Michael, James, Dylan, Katie, Marissa)

 It was great getting to meet James in person, as we have worked on various projects together this year, such as the joint Syncfusion-Xamarin webinar a few months ago. We had a chance for the teams to connect prior to the event and take some fun pics.

James Montemagno Posing with Syncfusion Poster

Attendance was solid, with about 35 attendees from across the mobile development community of the Raleigh-Durham area. Attendees were eager to get started with the sessions. They enjoyed the complimentary breakfast and the chance to win a $5 Starbucks gift card by demonstrating their knowledge of coffee trivia. Lunch for the event was sponsored by Twilio.

One attendee admired the posters of our Succinctly series of e-books and commented that he often prints out titles for personal reference. It’s great to hear that the developer community enjoys this free resource, which includes the Xamarin.Forms Succinctly title.