Real-Time Data with the PivotGrid Control

Our latest white paper, written by Syncfusion Director of Technical Support Clay Burch and OLAP-WPF team member Suriya Prakasam R., examines the power of Syncfusion’s PivotGrid control in situations that involve dynamically changing data. However, the authors don’t settle by showing you how to set up a grid so you can watch a single set of numbers change over time. Instead, they implement two techniques for displaying changing information in separate grids, and they set the grids next to each other in a single window. The first technique automatically updates the control when any changes occur in the underlying data. In order for this automatic response to occur, there are requirements that the data must implement in the form of interfaces. The second technique repopulates the entire control at a set time interval, which does not force any extra requirements on the data as in the first technique, but does require significantly more computational power.

You may wonder when such a setup would be useful, but you only have to look to today to find one: the United States presidential election. The election is ideal for this real-time data scenario because it is not as straightforward as a simple popular vote in which the candidate with the most votes wins. Instead, the popular vote is used to determine what is known as the Electoral College—a system in which each state holds a specific number of votes and awards them to a presidential candidate based on the winner of the state’s popular vote. In this white paper, Burch and Prakasam simulate the election data and use one PivotGrid control to monitor the popular vote in real time, and use the other PivotGrid control to calculate the Electoral College vote every five seconds.

The white paper is complete with detailed descriptions of the underlying business object for each grid, clear explanations of the XAML needed to declare the grids, downloadable source code, and even a video of the grid in action. Download the white paper today to see how flexible Syncfusion’s PivotGrid control is, and have fun running your own mock-elections.

Check out the white paper!

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