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Plugin for ReSharper that supports Syncfusion MVC projects

We now have a ReSharper plugin (for version 7.1) for Essential Studio ASP.NET MVC that provides some excellent tips and warnings on how to fix errors as you develop using our MVC controls.

Here are some scenarios where our plugin provides warnings as well as fixes for some issues.


Ensure appropriate HttpHandlers and Handlers

The plugin ensures that the appropriate HTTP handlers are added to the web.config file when the Syncfusion.Shared.MVC.dll is referenced. If the HTTP handlers are missing in the web.config file, it reports an error in the Solution Errors window. The error can then be resolved using quick fixes, which will add the necessary handlers to web.config automatically.

There are also warnings in your CSHTML code from where you can initiate the fix. The screenshot below illustrates error highlighting for missing HTTP handlers.


The screenshot below illustrates the quick fix option to add the appropriate HTTP handlers.




Ensure compatible MVC VS Syncfusion references

When you reference Syncfusion assemblies, you will face issues if you don’t reference the right variant of the Syncfusion assembly matching the MVC framework version you have used in your project. For example, Syncfusion assembly version “” should be used with MVC

framework 4, while “” should be used with MVC framework 3. Using it the other way around will cause errors during runtime.

The plugin now detects this conflict and warns you in web.config when a discrepancy like this is detected. Quick fixes are also available which will update the version numbers to the right one.

The screenshot below shows the error highlighting for an invalid assembly version number.


The screenshot below shows the quick fix option to correct the issue.



Ensure all required assemblies are referenced

Usually ReSharper adds an assembly reference and a namespace to the warning “Cannot resolve symbol” for an unidentified type as shown below:


You can then use the quick fix to add the missing reference. This plugin will also add all the dependent assemblies to your project.

For example, PagingParams is an unidentified Syncfusion class, and ReSharper provides a quick fix for this as shown below:



When executing the quick fix, the plugin adds all of the required dependencies:

· Syncfusion.Core

· Syncfusion.Grid.Mvc

· Syncfusion.Shared.Mvc

· Syncfusion.Linq.Base

· Syncfusion.Theme.Base

The dependencies and namespaces are added to the project automatically.

The current plugin version is 1.0. It has been tested with Visual Studio 2012 and 2010, and supports ReSharper 7.1.

Download the plugin here: Syncfusion ReSharper Plugin


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