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Orubase Beta: The Bridge to Better Apps

We recently announced the public availability of a beta version of our newest product named Orubase. It is a complete framework that enables you to develop hybrid mobile applications easier.

What are hybrid mobile applications?

Hybrid mobile applications embed a web browser control within a special application shell. A major part of the mobile application can then be authored using traditional web-based technologies.

How does Orubase help?

There is a collection of frameworks from different vendors that can build hybrid mobile applications. All possess the following key components:

· Mobile UI elements.

· Application shell on each supported platform.

· Native bridge code to access device functionality from the web application—for instance, to access contacts or share images.

Orubase provides all the elements of a hybrid solution in a single package. It is the only solution available on the market to do so. Other solutions provide just the mobile UI elements and rely on open-source frameworks for the shell and bridge code.

Orubase offers:

· 18 well-tested mobile controls implemented on the standard Microsoft ASP.NET MVC platform.

· Application shells for the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms.

· Native bridge code with access to key device functionality.

Orubase exclusive: truly native navigation

Hybrid applications that implement their entire user interface through HTML do not look and feel native. Users can readily see the difference between simulated navigation elements, such as Toolbars, and real native navigation elements. This leads to hybrid applications being perceived as different from native applications.

Orubase goes a step further by implementing truly native navigation. The navigation elements you see within an Orubase shell are not simulated; they are real navigation elements that are native to the platform. This makes a major difference in how users perceive a mobile application.

Publish to the Google, Apple, and Windows App stores

Our support team is equipped to assist with the publishing process. Since we offer end-to-end support for the development of hybrid mobile applications, every aspect is covered, including submission to the app stores. We do not rely on another vendor or open-source framework to provide that.

Interested? Next steps…

You can download our white paper on Orubase and the free Orubase evaluation. Additional details are available on the Orubase website.


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