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New White Paper Explains Customizing Pivot Grid Calculations

Syncfusion’s PivotGrid Control was deliberately constructed as a business intelligence tool. Its inherent design provides in-depth analysis and concise summaries of complex data. As is, it supports a variety of calculations, but with minimal effort it can also be a powerful platform for custom calculations.

Syncfusion’s newest white paper, “Calculation Customizations in PivotGrid Control,” discusses the different types of calculations supported in Essential BI PivotGrid. This includes special formatting, custom expressions, and custom summary calculations.This paper was coauthored by Syncfusion’s Suriya Prakasam R., the team lead for a number of BI products, and Clay Burch, Syncfusion’s director of technical support. Together they’ve collected samples that explain how to:

  • Use a single DateTime property as a year or month pivot.
  • Use expression fields to dynamically create a new calculation field based on other calculation fields already bound to the pivot grid.
  • Implement custom summary calculations, walking through a median calculation as an example.

Each sample is demonstrative in the simplest, easiest-to-understand form, and all can be downloaded as .zip files. You can find this and other white papers at the Syncfusion Technology Resource Portal found at Syncfusion.com.


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