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HTML-to-PDF Conversion Coming Soon to .NET Core

You can find updated information on this topic in “HTML to PDF Conversion Using ASP.NET Core in Linux Docker,” written on August 20, 2018.

Syncfusion is happy to share that HTML-to-PDF conversion based on a version of the WebKit rendering engine that does not rely on web services is coming soon to the .NET Core platform. It can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. With this, you will be able to generate high-quality PDF documents from HTML files. The resulting PDF document will look like the browser view.

The ASP.NET Core application with HTML-to-PDF conversion can be hosted on the most popular web servers, including Apache HTTP server, Nginx, and IIS.


An illustration of the HTML-to-PDF conversion process.

Seamlessly convert webpages and other complex HTML content to PDF with a comprehensive API set.

The list of features that will be available with HTML-to-PDF conversion in the initial version are:

  1. Converts any webpage to PDF.
  2. Converts secured (https) webpages to PDF.
  3. Converts any raw HTML string to PDF.
  4. Supports HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and web fonts.
  5. Prevents text and image splits across pages.
  6. Converts HTML forms to fillable PDF forms.
  7. Automatically creates table of contents.
  8. Automatically creates bookmark hierarchy.
  9. Can convert a part of a webpage to PDF.
  10. Supports changing view port.
  11. Supports header and footer.
  12. Supports offline conversion.
  13. Repeats HTML table headers and footers in PDF.
  14. Supports accessing HTML pages using both HTTP POST and GET methods.
  15. Supports HTTP cookies.
  16. Thread safe.
  17. Supports internal and external hyperlinks.
  18. Sets document properties, page settings, security, viewer preferences, watermark, and more.
  19. Protects PDF documents with passwords and permissions.

We are currently working on the final phase of testing and finalizing the APIs, and it will be available soon for public use. Please post your comments if you have any questions or feedback related to this conversion support. We are happy to offer any help we can.

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