Exploring Flutter 2.0 Support for Syncfusion Flutter Widgets and What's New in 2021 Volume 1 Release [Webinar Show Notes] | Syncfusion Blogs
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Exploring Flutter 2.0 Support for Syncfusion Flutter Widgets and What's New in 2021 Volume 1 Release [Webinar Show Notes]

Exploring Flutter 2.0 Support for Syncfusion Flutter Widgets and What’s New in 2021 Volume 1 Release [Webinar Show Notes]

This blog provides show notes for our May 4 webinar, “Exploring Flutter 2.0 Support for Syncfusion Widgets and What’s New in 2021 Volume 1 Release.” The webinar was presented and hosted by Syncfusion Product Manager Michael Prabhu M. If you missed it, or would like to watch it again, you can find the recording on our YouTube page or embedded here.


During this webinar, we explored Flutter 2.0 support for Syncfusion widgets. This webinar also included a look into some of the new updates to Syncfusion’s Flutter libraries with the 2021 Volume 1 release of Essential Studio.


  • Exploring Flutter 2.0 for Syncfusion widgets.
  • What’s new in our Flutter suite.
  • Creating a Flutter application showcasing the new widgets in this release.
  • Overview on our licensing model. 

Syncfusion’s Flutter 2.0

In summary, all Syncfusion’s Flutter packages are now Flutter 2.0-compatible and they have been migrated to null-safety. In addition, all our widgets are now compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, with the exception of PDF Viewer.

What’s New in Flutter for 2021 Volume 1

The following is a list of the new widgets and features for the Flutter suite discussed in the webinar. For more details, please see this release blog.

  • Linear Gauge features:
    • Orientation
    • Axis
    • Labels and ticks
    • Ranges
    • Pointers
    • Animation
    • Pointer interaction
  • Treemap features:
    • Labels
    • Layouts
    • Squarified
    • Slice
    • Dice
    • Hierarchical support
    • Colors
    • Tooltip
    • Selection
    • Custom background widgets
  • New Charts features:
    • On-demand loading
    • Autoscrolling
    • Date-time category axis
    • Marker in trackball tooltip
    • Trackball and crosshair positions
    • Gradient and image fill
    • Point-rendering mode
  • New Calendar features:
    • Load more
    • Navigation restriction
    • Current time indicator
  • New DataGrid features:
    • Pull to refresh
    • Swipe support for rows
    • Programmatic scrolling
  • New Date Range Picker features:
    • Action buttons
    • Navigation with free scroll
  • New Maps features:
    • Inverted circle
    • Inverted polygon
    • Legend title
  • New Radial Gauge features:
    • Widget pointer
    • Elevation of pointer
    • Overlay of marker pointer
  • New Excel Library features:
    • Import data from list to Excel worksheets.
    • Apply conditional formatting with formula value, color scale, databar, and icon sets.
  • New PDF Library features:
    • Digest algorithms
    • Cryptographic standards
    • Digital signatures
    • PDF Form
      • Text field
      • Check box field
      • Radio button field
      • List box field
      • Combo box field
      • Button field
      • Signature field

Supported platforms

  • Android
    • Device types:
      • Phone
      • Tablet
    • Supported versions:
      • API level 16 and later versions
  • iOS
    • Device types:
      • iPhone
      • iPad
      • iPod
    • Supported versions:
      • iOS 8 and later versions
  • Web
    • Device types:
      • All major browsers
  • Desktop
    • Device types:
      • Windows
      • macOS
      • Linux


During this webinar, we looked into Flutter 2.0 support for Syncfusion widgets and reviewed how the new updates with 2021 Volume 1 can assist in your mobile development.

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and please keep an eye out for our future Flutter webinars. If you have any feedback or would like to suggest a topic for a future webinar, please do so in the comments section below. You can also contact us through our forums, Direct-Trac, and feedback portal.

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