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Syncfusion Essential Studio 2013 Volume 1 has been released. Find out all about our new WinRT DataGrid control (beta).

In this post, we will cover a control required for every modern line-of-business application: the DataGrid control.

Our WinRT grid control was designed from the ground up, taking into account the unique requirements of the Windows Store. We have highlighted several key features that will help you transform your Windows Store line-of-business applications, taking them to a new level of visualization and interactivity.

Easily bind data from all common data sources

You can bind the grid to data in any standard format. As a bonus, you can use the Syncfusion XlsIO library (WinRT edition) to import and export data from Microsoft Excel.



Supports real-time updates

Need to refresh thousands of records every 100 milliseconds? Not a problem. Our DataGrid is optimized for minimum CPU and memory usage.



Smooth scrolling

Display hundreds of thousands of records and still experience smooth scrolling. We have tested on lower-specification hardware to ensure that your scrolling experience is optimal across a variety of devices.

Supports all common selection modes

Need to display detailed information for a record? Easily bind to currently selected data.



Built-in support for sorting, including sorting on multiple columns



Extensive support for styling

Style each cell to look exactly the way you want.



Use custom templates and host any UI you need



Complete support for grouping, including support for custom grouping and summaries



Innovative touch action for dynamic grouping

Your users are not limited to static groups. They can dynamically group data through touch actions or the mouse in an easy and intuitive manner. Our WinRT DataGrid truly exploits the power of touch.





Edit records in a touch-friendly manner:





Filter records as needed:



Part of Essential Studio WinRT edition

Essential Studio for WinRT contains 34 controls you need to build line-of-business tablet applications—including grids, charts, maps, an SSRS report viewer, a rich-text viewer, gauges, bar codes, editors, and much more. It also includes a unique set of controls for reading and writing Excel, Word, and PDF documents in Windows Store apps.

Current customers, get it today

If you are a current customer, you can get our WinRT DataGrid now by logging in to Direct-Trac and downloading the WinRT platform studio.

Evaluators, try it today

If you are not a current customer, we invite you to download our evaluation and see our WinRT DataGrid in action now!


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