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Direct-Trac Goes Mobile with Orubase

Direct-Trac, our comprehensive support system for all our components and controls, is now available as a mobile app for Apple devices. Now you can keep track of any of your Syncfusion support incidents from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can also respond to support incidents, receive push notifications on your device, and track the status of defect reports and feature requests—giving you the most accessible support of any third-party component vendor.


We built Direct-Trac for mobile devices using our own cross-platform mobile application development tool, Orubase. We used Orubase for several reasons:

  • Orubase enabled us to use our years of experience with ASP.NET MVC to create a version of Direct-Trac as a web-based, hybrid native application.
  • Orubase allowed us to build a mobile app that includes native interface elements that are not exposed by other cross-platform mobile solution providers like PhoneGap. Direct-Trac for mobile devices gives you a firsthand experience of how apps built using Orubase will look on mobile devices.
  • We wanted to give Orubase a real-world test drive, to prove Orubase’s unique model as a viable option for creating powerful mobile applications with minimal effort. You can rest assured that any application you build with Orubase will be accepted by any mobile app store.

As for you Android users, we’ll release Direct-Trac for Android devices in just a few weeks. It too will be built with the Orubase framework leveraging the same ASP.NET MVC code base to give you complete access to Syncfusion support and control of your incidents and requests within the native environment of your device. If you’re an Apple addict, download Direct-Trac for your mobile device today! If you’re a die-hard Android user, stay tuned!

P.S. Come back soon for more updates about our hybrid mobile app solution, Orubase!


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