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Customer Story: The Path to a Global License

Interview with Danny Lloyd, CIO at SACS Software

Danny and SACS Software have been Syncfusion customers since 2003. In that time, they’ve graduated from individual component licenses to the global license on our flat-fee license model. Watch the video to find out why and learn about the benefits to Danny’s business. (Transcript follows below.)


SACS Software and Syncfusion

My name is Danny. I’m the CIO for Scott Accounting and Computer Services. We develop software for public housing.

Why Syncfusion?

In 2003, we were transitioning our programs from a Cobalt-based solution to Microsoft’s .NET framework. We looked at all of the vendors at that time to determine those that had controls or features that we could use in our accounting application. We settled on Syncfusion because their tools were a good fit for our accounting application.

Why a flat fee license?

When we originally purchased our Syncfusion licenses in 2003, we purchased individual components for our developers. Now Syncfusion offers the flat or global license, and we use that now because we find it to be more cost-effective. We can quickly and easily add new developers to our project.

Any other benefits?

When you talk about the benefits of a software company, I think you should mention technical support. Syncfusion has excellent technical support. When we needed technical support in the past, they quickly brought forth solutions or examples that our developers have needed to continue to work on our projects, and I just think that is so important. Of course, they have continued to enhance their product over the years and brought forth more components, and more tools, that have made our developers’ jobs much easier. And that’s just a great thing, that they continue to enhance their product.

What would you say to others?

If you’re currently evaluating other companies’ tools, I think you need to look no further than Syncfusion. Their controls and tools that they bring forth will enhance your developers’ productivity and will help you bring your product to market faster. They’re an excellent choice, and a value for their price.

Our sincerest thanks to Danny and SACS Software for this customer testimonial!

Find out more about streamlining your software licensing with our global license


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