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Beta Version of Big Data Tools Now Available from Syncfusion

If you’ve been following our blog or are subscribed to our newsletter, you may have noticed a recurring theme over the past few months: big data. We all know every company accumulates data, and as technologies for processing and storing that data shift, many are searching for new ways to leverage it to improve their business. Now, after several months of planning and development (and dropping hints on social media), we are pleased to announce the Syncfusion Big Data Platform beta is here.


Census Data Analysis, Map View

Part simplified open-source installer, part consulting service, and part cloud deployment tools, this great package was built with business data in mind. Unlike our Essential Studio controls, which are primarily designed to help you deliver engaging user interfaces to enterprise apps, these tools are meant to streamline big data development for .NET.


Census Data Analysis, Consolidated View

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform provides simplified Hadoop installation and development for Windows. It allows you to easily process thousands of records using Hive and Pig, and then deploy your stunning results to HDInsight and other cloud services. Of course, the best part is that this valuable tool is included in every Essential Studio Enterprise Edition license as part of the Syncfusion Plus program.


Census Data Analysis, Detailed View

Syncfusion has more than a decade of experience providing some of the best development tools for Windows, and today, creating your data solution with us couldn’t be easier. The Syncfusion Big Data Platform combines our convenient installer with stress-free deployment to the cloud, so all of the tools you need are in one place.

When you build big data solutions with Syncfusion, you are not alone. With no limits to support incident requests, our engineers are prepared to help you get the most out of your data. Samples, patches, and workarounds are provided, and there are no deployment fees. Claim your free license of the Syncfusion Big Data Platform today!

To learn more about what Syncfusion can do to transform your company’s data solutions, contact or call toll free, 1-888-9DOTNET.


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