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Benefits beyond Products

In a video we recently shot, Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of product development, talks about the many reasons to go with Syncfusion—reasons that transcend our product line itself.

Long ago, Syncfusion adopted the philosophy that to sell components and controls, we must be an active part of our customers’ development environment; hence, we consider ourselves to be a development-partner company, not merely and inert vendor of goods.

We sell components, but we provide service.

When talking about the service side of what you buy, we’re consistent in mentioning support, which is easy because that’s the point upon which our customers rave most. What we don’t do often enough is discuss all the aspects of Syncfusion that stretch beyond products and support.

The complete release we roll out each quarter; the custom patches we provide that prevent you from having to wait for a feature you need; the unadulterated access to our source code; and our highly accommodative licensing model—each reason on its own distinguishes us from other vendors, but together they form the heart of our company’s philosophy: full dedication to your application.

I’m glad Daniel created this video. It’s brief. It’s to-the-point. It comprises all the points that sometimes are lost among the bigger points we make, but are equally as important.

For the prospective customer who enters the marketplace for components and controls with a checklist in hand, please do yourself this favor: Find four minutes to watch the video. Doing so will help you reconcile much of what you seek with what we offer. Any remaining points on your list can serve as the basis for the next conversation you have with your Syncfusion account manager.

For existing Syncfusion customers, watch the video still. It may raise up some Syncfusion benefits you have access to, but forget to use.



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