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In July, Syncfusion Vice President Daniel Jebaraj conducted a webinar introducing the basics of ASP.NET MVC web development. As a pioneer in MVC development, Syncfusion has supported ASP.NET MVC for all web development scenarios—whether you’re targeting desktop clients, mobile devices, or both—since the release of the MVC framework three years ago.

If you have yet to consider switching to ASP.NET MVC—perhaps you think you’re doing fine with ASP.NET, or you just haven’t found the time—this webinar is your chance to quickly learn the basics of building a website with ASP.NET MVC. So watch it! You’re bound to learn something. Even if you aren’t interested in what MVC is all about, you can get a quick lesson on the basics of how HTTP works or what routing is. To make your life easier, we’ve taken the time to list the significant sections of the webinar. This way, you only spend your time learning what you want to learn, and not waiting for something to catch your attention.

4:10 Why ASP.NET MVC?

8:24 HTTP basics

24:44 HTTP Request Sample

33:02 Routing

37:15 Routing Sample (non-MVC specific)

44:12 The MVC Pattern

47:15 MVC Sample

50:49 Razor Sample

52:55 View Action Result Sample

54:15 Model Binding Sample

57:10 HTML Helper Sample

After watching the webinar, we expect you’ll want to jump right into building an ASP.NET MVC project. Keep in mind we’ve got a complete suite of controls and components designed specifically for HTTP the MVC framework, and you can download a free 30-day evaluation of it. Download the eval today and discover what you can accomplish with ASP.NET MVC and our tools.

You may notice that the webinar describes itself as “Part 1,” so check back here from time to time for part two!




Video TOC

0:47 Webinar Goals

1:33 Agenda

3:31 Prerequisites

4:10 Why ASP.NET MVC?

8:24 HTTP protocol basics

· 9:18 Interaction Sequence

· 10:40 HTTP Requests

· 18:30 HTTP Responses

· 20:56 HTTP Status Codes

24:44 HTTP Request Sample

· 27:08 Query Strings in an HTML GET Request

· 28:42 Query Strings in an HTML POST Request

· 30:55 POST vs. GET Requests

33:02 Routing

· 35:20 Mapping Basics (class and method)

· 36:45 Routing in MVC

· 37:15 Routing Sample (non-MVC specific)

· 43:20 Routing and Mapping in MVC Summary

44:12 The MVC Pattern

· 47:15 MVC Sample

50:34 View—Razor Markup

· 50:49 Razor Sample

· 52:55 View Action Result Sample

54:15 Model Binding Sample

57:10 HTML Helper Sample

1:00:08 Next steps

1:01:40 Questions from attendees


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