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As Apps Localize, RTL Becomes Imperative

In the past, users’ experiences interacting with software have often depended on their willingness to adjust their expectations and acclimate to something different. Learning to work with a new program or application can be a daunting task for anyone, and for those accustomed to working with languages that are written in right-to-left (RTL) scripts, such as Hebrew and Arabic, the process is even more challenging. However, there has recently been a shift toward software that forgoes the conventional, programmer-friendly approach, and instead adjusts to users’ expectations.

In the past year, the introduction of native RTL support has become common in everything from mobile platforms like Android Jellybean 4.2 to publishing applications like MadCap’s Flare 9.0. Syncfusion is also continuously expanding its RTL support, and currently offers 263 controls and features that support RTL script compatibility. There’s a reason for this shift as technology advances, the needs of users grow and diversify, but as users themselves grow and diversify, the technology must adjust to accommodate them. Hundreds of millions of people speak languages written in RTL scripts in countries including Israel, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, and many more, and the list of people who can benefit from localization through RTL support will continue to grow.

RTL Support in Syncfusion Essential Edit

RTL Support in Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms

However, supporting RTL scripts creates an additional element of complexity for developers, as they have a number of factors to take into account. The direction and alignment of the text, as well as other content, like images, will have to be altered to ensure they are rendered correctly on a page.

Syncfusion provides RTL support in a variety of controls that span eight .NET development platforms, including the Grid and Chart controls. This means emerging stock exchanges like the one in the Maldives, where Thaana script is used to write Dhivehi, the official language, could easily keep detailed records and create striking graphics to track their transactions without having to worry about setting up RTL support. Mobile app developers can ensure their products will be marketable to a multitude of cultures; corporations can tailor websites to specific regions. All types of organizations can provide global appeal without spending time on RTL coding and script support.

RTL Localization in Syncfusion BL Client for ASP.NET

RTL Localization in Syncfusion BI Client for ASP.NET


Localization through RTL support is a big step toward meeting your users’ expectations, and with Syncfusion controls, it’s only a few mouse clicks away. For more on Syncfusion controls with RTL compatibility, click here.


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