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10-year anniversary: Still looking forward

Syncfusion started with a simple goal–to produce and actively support enterprise-class Microsoft .NET software components. When we started, the .NET platform was young and there was a lot of discussion about its future. Syncfusion’s core group of engineers had worked for years with C++, specifically the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) environment. Battle hardened as they were by unresolved symbols, memory leaks, out-of-date pre-compiled headers, and the many quirks of the Win32 platform, they saw .NET as a breath of fresh air. There was little doubt in their minds that the .NET platform would profoundly change Windows development and change it for the better.

Over the next 10 years, the .NET platform did change Windows development. Developer productivity soared. Components became first-class citizens and promoted reuse in a manner that was not easily possible until then. Syncfusion was fortunate to be a part of this revolution. In many ways, we had front-row seats. Each new release of the platform and our own products brought additional challenges and opportunities to our doorstep. We went from shipping one product on one platform (our grid control on Windows Forms) to shipping 20 products on 6 different platforms (the latest addition being Windows Phone 7). We ventured beyond user interface controls into markets such as reporting and business intelligence. We have been truly privileged to be a part of the .NET eco-system for the past 10 years and to have participated in its tremendous growth.

While we added products, gained thousands of customers, and ventured into new areas, our values did not change–our model of interactive development continues to be at the heart of everything we do. New customers are always pleasantly surprised by how we react to bug reports and feature requests. They tell us they are impressed with our unwavering commitment to ensuring speedy resolution even when the cost to Syncfusion is high, and they are surprised by the depth and completeness of prototypes that our technical teams provide. They love it when we attend web meetings and work for hours to resolve issues that show up only under special environments that are virtually impossible to create  in any other scenario. While we offer the widest set of business components on the market today, nothing defines Syncfusion more to our customers than our model of interactive development. This is something we will improve and enhance over the coming 10 years and will never change or compromise.

As a company, we believe that the component market is still young. There are many, many miles to go. We are firmly committed to this market and our customers. We recently shipped a complete HTML5-based diagramming solution and a complete suite of controls for the Windows Phone 7 platform. We were the first vendor to produce a truly enterprise quality standards-based reporting solution for the .NET platform. As I write this, we are preparing to ship one of our biggest releases yet– Syncfusion Essential Studio 2011 Volume 3. We are not slowing down anytime soon. You can expect to see solid releases every quarter—releases that provide more and more building blocks for all of your software development needs.

Thank you for reading and supporting us all these years. We look forward to working with you.


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