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Problem with cell validation...

I'm using a GridDataBoundGrid and I've added a number of columns using the GridBoundColumn Collection Editor in VS.NET. One of the columns is bound to a floating point number and I'm trying to use the ValidateValue item to do automatic validation of cells in that column. I have set the item values as follows. NumberRequired = True Minimum = 0.01 Maximum = 24 Unfortunetly, this does not have any effect, I can still enter any value into the cells. Is there something else I need to do to get validation working? Thanks.

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CB Clay Burch Syncfusion Team August 27, 2002 07:30 AM UTC

This appears to be a bug. Setting these values in the designer did not 'take'. We'll get this fixed. However, I was able to get these values to 'take' by explicitly setting them in an Form Load event handler with code such as: //C# this.gridDataBoundGrid1.GridBoundColumns["Quantity"].StyleInfo.ValidateValue = New GridCellValidateValueInfo(True, 0.01, 1000, "bad number") 'VB.NET Me.GridDataBoundGrid1.GridBoundColumns("Quantity").StyleInfo.ValidateValue = New GridCellValidateValueInfo(True, 0.01, 1000, "bad number")

SB Sheldon Barr August 27, 2002 10:23 PM UTC

Clay, thanks for the workaround, but there seems to be a problem indexing the GridBoundColumn by name. My GridBoundColumn is called 'hoursColumn' in the VS.NET designer and it is the 3rd column (index 2). The following code returns null. gridDataBoundGrid1.GridBoundColumns["hoursColumn"] Whereas this code returns the correct column object. gridDataBoundGrid1.GridBoundColumns[2] I'm using this as a workaround to my problem, hope this makes sense.

CB Clay Burch Syncfusion Team August 28, 2002 08:16 AM UTC

Is "hoursColumn" the MappingName for your GridBoundColumn, or is it the HeaderText? Is it also the exact case? Thanks

SB Sheldon Barr August 29, 2002 03:12 AM UTC

Ok, "hoursColumn" is the design name of the column. I tried using the HeaderText of the column and that worked. I seem to have run into another problem though. The AllowEnter attribute doesn't seem to work whether I set it through the designer or directly in code. I have a column "notesColumn" with CellType=TextBox and AllowEnter=false but the column still allows newlines to be entered. What's more, the previous column is the "hoursColumn" I described earlier, has AllowEnter=false, and pressing enter correctly moves the cursor to the next column but inserts a newline there. I have ActivateCurrentCellBehaviour=SelectAll set for the table so this also has the unhappy side-effect of deleting the text in the "notesColumn". I'd appreciate any guidance you could give me.

CB Clay Burch Syncfusion Team August 29, 2002 07:08 PM UTC

Sheldon, I tried to see this behavior in the attached simple sample. The first 2 columns are text columns and they both have AllowEnter = False, but I don't see this problem. Maybe you could spot some difference between this sample and what you are doing? Clay

TL Tom Le Blanc November 14, 2002 05:55 PM UTC

Is there any way to short-circut the ValidateValue.NumberRequired to allow for an empty cell? e.g. If a user enters a value in a validated cell and realizes it's the wrong cell, but doesn't want a zero in the cell. Do you have any sample code (VB preferred) on how to roll that using the GridCellValidateValueInfo? Thanks, Tom

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