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Can anyone tell me why I have no columns?

Hello, I am using a GridDataBoundGrid Control. I have a component that provides my forms with adapters. I have a nice typed dataset. I create a panel, drop the grid, my database component and the dataset on it. I set the datasource of the grid and I have myc columns displayed nicely. I then go about setting the grid up to run how I'd like it. Now, I save my grid panel. I drop it on another form. I have no columns in design mode. Here is the code that is crashing: Dim columns As GridBoundColumnsCollection = CType(Me.gridBinder.InternalColumns.Clone(), GridBoundColumnsCollection) columns("Quantity").HeaderText = "Qty" In my grid panel this works fine, but when I drop the panel on another form columns() is empty. Can anyone tell me why?

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team November 4, 2003 03:59 PM UTC

When you say you create a panel, drop a grid on it, etc, and then save it, are you creating this panel on a form? If so, how are you trying to use it on another form? Are you copying and pasteing? If so, I think you will also have to copy and paste your database components as well. Instead of a panel, you could use a userControl, and then drop this userControl on other forms from your toolbox. In this case, I think your database components would be available as part of the user control. If I misunderstood what you are trying, if you will explain things some more, maybe we could suggest something.

BB Brian Bacon November 4, 2003 05:02 PM UTC

When I say I am creating a panel, I mean I am creating a UserControl and then changing it's base class to Panel (because XpTaskBar doesnt accept UserControls). I did however find the problem and it was entirely my fault. I was falling back on a bad connection string. I'm trying to work exactly like you suggest the only difference is that I'm a panel instead of a UserControl because sometimes I'm hosted on a form and sometimes I'm hosting within an XpTaskBar.

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