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Grid Cell changing the Focus on rowleave

Dim cc As GridCurrentCell = Me.gceProduct.CurrentCell If Val(gceProduct.Model(cc.RowIndex, SPEC_MINIMUM).Text.Trim) > Val(gceProduct.Model(cc.RowIndex, SPEC_MAXIMUM).Text.Trim) Then msgbox("Minimum can't be greater than Maximum") e.Cancel = True Exit Sub End If Hi Clay, The above is the code in my grid rowleave event. I am validating two columns and giving the error message on the rowleave event. I want to set the focus to particular cell of the row if this condition satisfies. I tried this code... (before exit sub) gceProduct.CurrentCell.MoveTo(gceProduct.CurrentCell.RowIndex, SPEC_MINIMUM, GridSetCurrentCellOptions.ScrollInView) It is throwing error as : " Deactivate called while the current cell was in process of activating or deactivating a cell" How can i solve it.. Regards, saravanakumar

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team August 25, 2003 01:06 PM UTC

In addition to handling RowLeave, also handle ValidatedFailed, and move the current cell there. You cannot move the currentcell from within RowLeave as at that point, the grid is in the middle of a currentcell move. AddHandler Me.gridDataBoundGrid1.ValidateFailed, AddressOf grid_ValidateFailed Private Sub grid_ValidateFailed(sender As Object, e As GridValidateFailedEventArgs) Dim cc As GridCurrentCell = Me.gridDataBoundGrid1.CurrentCell Me.gridDataBoundGrid1.CurrentCell.MoveTo(cc.RowIndex, 1, GridSetCurrentCellOptions.SetFocus) End Sub 'grid_ValidateFailed

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