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Selectivly show checkboxes in tree nodes

It appears that the TreeNodeAdv.NodeData.ShowCheckBox property does not selectively display check boxes on tree nodes. My goal is just that: to have some nodes with check boxes and some without. Can you explain how to accomplish this and how the ShowCheckBox property on the tree node interacts with that on the TreeViewAdv. Thanks in advance. Jim Stewart

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JS Jim Stewart July 17, 2003 06:03 PM UTC

Well I answered my own question - but it brings up an interesting ... issue? ...problem? I was creating nodes thus: TreeNodeAdv tNode = new TreeNodeAdv (""); tNode.NodeData.ShowCheckBoxe = true; // or false parentNode.Nodes.Add (tNode); This procedure failed to show the check boxes interactively. However, when I changed the order of operations, thus: TreeNodeAdv tNode = new TreeNodeAdv (""); parentNode.Nodes.Add (tNode); tNode.NodeData.ShowCheckBoxe = true; // or false Viola! The check boxes appear (or don't appear) as required. Now. Why should it make any difference whatsoever which order I perform these operations? It seems unnecessarily confusing to me. Any guidance would be appreciated. Jim Stewart

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