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olbars and Docking Windows on MDI children

I'd like to be able to define standard toolbars and docking windows on an MDI child and have them merge with the parent MDI forms toolbars and docking windows (like the XPToolbar does). I tried adding a docking manager to my child, but the docked windows just don't show. And if I use a standard toolbar on the child, it can't be dragged into the parent toolbar lines. I don't want to define the toolbars and docking window in the parent form, because they are only used for one form. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Sue

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PS Prakash S Syncfusion Team May 21, 2003 12:32 PM UTC

Hi Sue, Docking windows are centric to the form that they are hosted in and the inter-form docking capability that you are seeking is not supported by the Essential Tools docking architecture. By standard toolbars if you are referring to the Windows Forms toolbars, then there is no native functionality in the Windows Forms framework to support this. Is there any particular reason that you are not using the XPMenus component with it's built-in merging capability? Prakash Syncfusion

SH Sue Harris May 21, 2003 10:43 PM UTC

I don't want to use the XPMenus and XPToolbars stuff, because I want to do some owner drawing, or add some standard windows controls to the toolbar. To take one example, I want a combo box on a toolbar which has different colors for different items in the combo box, in another I want to draw font names with their respective fonts. But the provided ComboBoxBarItem doesn't allow anything like this. Is anything like this planned to be added to the XPMenu/XPToolbars? Thanks, Sue

PS Prakash S Syncfusion Team May 27, 2003 01:47 PM UTC

Sue, The ability to add generic Control derived classes to the XPToolBars is not something that we are working on right now. But I have logged a feature request and we will do our best to accomodate you in a timely manner. As for allowing MDI child docking windows to dock onto the parent form, we already have a feature request for supporting inter-form docking and though the timeframe cannot be guaranteed, we will try and make this feature available in a future release of Essential Tools. Prakash Syncfusion

RP Ramesh Praveen Syncfusion Team June 25, 2003 04:10 PM UTC

Sue, The ComboBoxBarItem in our latest version ( lets you provide custom ListBoxes in the dropdown (via the ListBox property) and you could specify a FontListBox (another new control in 1.6.1) to get a comboboxbaritem that shows the font list. Similarly you could attach any custom ListBox to the ComboBoxBarItem. Our XPMenus sample in fact, shows how this is done in the TextEditorForm form. Regards, Praveen Ramesh

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