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Hi, I have a GridGrouingControl in witch I add column by the folowing methode : Public Sub CustomizedAddComboBoxColumn(ByVal strColumnFieldName As String, ByVal strColumnHeaderText As String, ByVal dtDataTable As DataTable, ByVal strDisplayMemberFieldName As String, ByVal strValueMemberFieldName As String, Optional ByVal strColumnTipText As String = "", Optional ByVal blnIsReadOnly As Boolean = False, Optional ByVal blnIsExclusiveChoiceList As Boolean = True, Optional ByVal intColumnWidth As Integer = 0) ''ByVal strColumnFieldName As String, ByVal strColumnHeaderText As String, ByVal intColumnWidth As Integer, ByVal dvParentDataView As DataView, Optional ByVal blnIsReadOnly As Boolean = False ''Add Column to VisibleColumn and Set a ComboBox column type Try Me.TableDescriptor.VisibleColumns.Add(strColumnFieldName) Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).HeaderText = strColumnHeaderText Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.CellType = "ComboBox" Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.DataSource = dtDataTable Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.DisplayMember = strDisplayMemberFieldName Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.ValueMember = strValueMemberFieldName ''Set the DropDownStyle Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.DropDownStyle = GridDropDownStyle.AutoComplete Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.CellTipText = strColumnTipText Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.ExclusiveChoiceList = blnIsExclusiveChoiceList Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.ReadOnly = blnIsReadOnly ''Hide Button depending on blnIsReadOnly If blnIsReadOnly = True Then Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.ShowButtons = GridShowButtons.Hide Else Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell.ShowButtons = GridShowButtons.ShowCurrentCellEditing End If ''Set the Column Width If intColumnWidth <> 0 Then Me.TableDescriptor.Columns(strColumnFieldName).Width = intColumnWidth End If ''intColumnWidth <> 0 Catch ex As Exception MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "PersoGridGroupingControl.CustomizedAddComboBoxColumn #1") End Try End Sub ''CustomizedAddComboBoxColumn #1 Now I would like to implement the following method to prevent the edit cursor from showing if the Cell is ReadOnly. But it doesn''t woork since I clear all visible column before I add Column to VisibleColumn. : Private Sub PersoGridGroupingControl_TableControlCurrentCellStartEditing(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Grid.Grouping.GridTableControlCancelEventArgs) Handles MyBase.TableControlCurrentCellStartEditing ''Prevent the edit cursor from showing if the Cell is ReadOnly Try Dim gccGridCurrentCell As GridCurrentCell = e.TableControl.CurrentCell Dim intField As Integer = e.TableControl.TableDescriptor.ColIndexToField(gccGridCurrentCell.ColIndex) Dim style As GridTableCellStyleInfo = e.TableControl.TableDescriptor.Columns(intField).Appearance.AnyRecordFieldCell If style.ReadOnly = True Then e.Inner.Cancel = True End If ''style.ReadOnly = True Catch ex As Exception MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "PersoGridGroupingControl.PersoGridGroupingControl_TableControlCurrentCellStartEditing") End Try End Sub Please can somebody help me solve this problem ?

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team May 23, 2005 04:03 PM UTC

Try this code to see if it does what you need.
Private Sub gridGroupingControl1_TableControlCurrentCellStartEditing(sender As Object, e As GridTableControlCancelEventArgs)
   Dim cc As GridCurrentCell = e.TableControl.CurrentCell
   Dim style As GridTableCellStyleInfo = e.TableControl.Model(cc.RowIndex, cc.ColIndex)
   If style.ReadOnly = True Then
      e.Inner.Cancel = True
   End If
End Sub ''gridGroupingControl1_TableControlCurrentCellStartEditing

PD Prof DISSOU Jamâl-Dine May 24, 2005 02:01 PM UTC

Hi Clay, It doesn''t work. Best regards, Jamâl-Dine DISSOU

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team May 24, 2005 04:08 PM UTC

It seems to work for me in this sample. Can you modify it to show the problem you are having? http://www.syncfusion.com/Support/user/uploads/GGC_ReadOnly_113389c2.zip

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