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Automatic Layout of Links

I need a way to programmatically add a link between two nodes and automatically layout the link as to not overlap any other nodes or links. It would be handy if I could automatically layout just an individual link or every item on a diagram (including nodes) all at once (i.e. link.autoLayout() and diagram.autoLayout()) Is this possible. If not, will and when would it be available?

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team April 5, 2005 07:02 PM UTC

Hi, Programmatically adding a link is discussed in the following Essential Diagram Knowledgebase article - http://www.syncfusion.com/support/kb/diagram/Default.aspx?ToDo=view&questId=24&catId=2. As for routing links around existing nodes, I am afraid this functionality is not yet available in Essential Diagram. Intelligent links and line routing is a feature that we are currently working on and hope to make available for the next update of Essential Diagram. As things stand, we expect this feature to be available in the mid part of May. Thanks, Prakash Surendra, Syncfusion Inc.,

GR Greg September 4, 2005 03:15 PM UTC

I see you have v3.3 out now, and wondered if you have automatic layout yet. My goal is a simple relationship diagram of variables, but recursion might exist. It would be wonderful to feed in the variables and their precedents and dependents and have the diagram generate a default view for further modification by programmer or user. This is a bit more advanced than a simpler tree view (due to cross relationsips) which should also be easy for the programmer to request. Thanks.

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team September 6, 2005 06:40 PM UTC

Hi Greg, Essential Diagram v has support for automatic line routing and line bridging of orthogonal links. This can be enabled by setting the Diagram.Model.LineRoutingEnabled and LineBridgingEnabled properties in the diagram model. As for generating your diagram depending on the attributes/relationships that the diagram nodes are initialized with, have you considered implementing a LayoutManager that interprets data from your diagram''s symbols, and uses this information to lay out the node in the graph? The OrgLayout, Expander and OrgChart samples show simple LayoutManager implementations that use information sourced from the diagram symbols to set up organization tree diagrams. While these samples constitute very simplistic solutions, this should help you get started. Thanks, Prakash Surendra Syncfusion Inc.,

RA Ratan September 26, 2005 12:24 PM UTC

Its seems that automatic layout of link still not working with ver As i tried by setting Diagram.Model.LineRoutingEnabled and LineBridgingEnabled properties to true but i can still make links by crossing some intermidate symbols. or is there some other properties i need to set for automatic layout of links??

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team September 27, 2005 01:38 PM UTC

Hello Ratan, Setting the Model.LineRoutingEnabled and Model.LineBridgingEnabled properties is all that is required to enable the automatic line routing feature. We are aware of a few problems in the LineRouting functionality in the build. We are currently working on a minor update of Essential Diagram, and this build will resolve some of those issues. However, please bear in mind that the line routing functionality will only try to optimize the routing of orthgonal lines around existing nodes, and does not guarantee the elimination of all overlaps. Thanks, Prakash Surendra Syncfusion Inc.,

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