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currentcell question??

Im having this weird problem with this grid im working on. If you run my sample notice it comes up with the current cell in row27,col1. ok now change the value in row28,col1 to 5 and then dont move off the cell. then use my drop down combo and drop it down to 29 and when you do this it basically goes through the whole setupgrid routine loading the grid again based on the index of the dropdown. so the 5 you entered now scrolled up but it SHOULDNT have. it should of reloaded it from the bogus data i setup in the setupgrid paragraph but since you stayed on the cell and it was the currentcell something isnt working right with it. now if you close the app and run it again this time change the value in row28,col1 to 5 again and this time move off the cell by clicking in the cell below it. now dropdown my dropdown to 29. this time notice the 5 doesnt get shifted up and it gets reset to the value that it should be from my bogus load data. i cant figure out exactly what is going on but if you change the cell and its stays the current cell its like it is storing that value somewhere and wont overwrite it like it should. another thing that is odd is if you do that first scenario where you change that cell to 5 and leave it the currentcell and do the drop down to 29. then if you click my default button it should default the whole grid to zeros and it does all but for that one cell that is still the current cell it stayed to what you changed it to. now once you click off that cell, it will magically go to zero on its own. Im really confused on this. If it doesnt attach the sample i will email it to you.

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 11, 2005 04:53 PM UTC

The current cell control is being left in an edit state with you swapping the grid out form under it. I was aboe to avoid this problem by adding Me.grdSSE_FE.CurrentCell.EndEdit() at the top of your SetupGrid method. This makes sure there is no open edit when you go to swap out the grid.

PB Philip Bishop March 11, 2005 07:47 PM UTC

When you say swiping what exactly do you mean? I have other grids where i can be in active edit mode and do a default of the grid and it defaults the cell in active edit mode fine. does it have something to do with the scrolling in view and that?

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 11, 2005 08:16 PM UTC

>>When you say swiping what exactly do you mean? You are sitting there with a blinking edit cursor in a particular cell control, and then without ending the editing process, try to change all the data in the grid.

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